A 20-year-old male student who encountered a self-inflicted vehicular accident was arrested for illegal possession of firearms at Flourishing, Gonzaga, Cagayan yesterday.
The suspect was identified as John Rick Carl Rabara and a resident of Minanga, Gonzaga, Cagayan.
Police report revealed that on March 27, 2022 at around 4:20 PM, personnel of Gonzaga Police Station immediately responded to the place of incident. When the responding team carried the victim to the PNP mobile car, the firearm of the victim fell on the ground that led to the arrest of the suspect after his failure to present necessary documents.
Recovered from the suspect was one (1) unit caliber 45 without serial number and without magazine and ammunition.
The suspect was immediately brought to the station for documentation after his medical examination at Alfonso Memorial District Hospital, Smart, Gonzaga, Cagayan.
The suspect is currently under the custody of Gonzaga Police Station and was subjected for inquest proceedings for the afore-mentioned violations.