The COVID-19 pandemic has caused changes in the lifestyle and practices of Filipinos. One of these changes includes aversion or lessening frequency in shopping for supplies on wet markets and supermarkets due to the risk of contracting the virus.

Desiring for a healthier consumption, conciliator-mediator Rhium Truce Salvador and Mr. Erbonz Lapez, decided to invest in creating a vegetable greenhouse on the top of the building. The previously unused space at the rooftop has now partially been transformed into a Rooftop Vegetable Garden. They said that “Daily tilling in the garden becomes therapeutic for both the mind and body. A fun and relaxing to get in touch with nature, plus, you get to eat the delicious vegetables that you grow.“

Now, RCMB XI personnel enjoys a healthier food source and a fresh supply of romaine lettuce and pechay. The BRANCH’s greenhouse also grows chile, bell pepper and tomato.

Besides, these new harvests are just in time in the annual celebration of the Nutrition Month. Many studies reveals that fresh vegetables contains more nutrients than frozen or canned vegetables.

This initiative is part of Green our DOLE Program (GODP) of the BRANCH. GODP is a DOLE advocacy that seeks to strengthen awareness and consciousness on the concepts, principles and applications of green productivity. It also aims to contribute to mitigation solutions on climate change.

Mr. Salvador and Mr. Lapez on the greenhouse